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Driver Puts Tesla Model S 70D to 0-60 and 0-80 MPH Test with Impressive Results

Mike Anthony, a TorqueNews reader, sent us this video in which he puts Tesla Model S to 0-60 and 0-80 miles per hour test. Watch the results below. Here is Anthony reporting with the details below.

I was able to check out the Tesla Model S 70D, which is the newest configuration, and now the entry level Model S. The vehicle has a range of 240 miles on a single charge.

All three of us that were in the vehicle were highly impressed by the instant acceleration, which Tesla Model S 70D vehicle can deliver. Many have said that electric cars are bloated up golf carts that are slow, and only to be used for a commute to work and back. That is not true. Take a look at this video and you may be convinced in the otherwise.

I have no affiliation with Tesla Motors. I am just an enthusiast and very much like the vehicle.

This vehicle was equipped with standard equipment, including 70 kWH battery pack, dual-motor AWD, Metallic paint with solid roof and next-gen seats (front only). The car during the test had three people on board, which is estimated 555 lbs total.

The test was performed while merging onto a highway with a low traffic. The speed limit was never exceeded.

This Model S achived a 0-60 in 5.4 seconds. It achieved 0-80 in 8.8 seconds.

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