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Chevy Volt Owner Only Gets Minor Bruises After Being Hit By a Truck

This is not the first time that the Chevy Volt's safety has potentially saved a life.

Two days ago, on May 10, I saw this picture of a crashed Chevy Volt on Chevrolet Volt's official Facbook public page, shared by Karl Blinkinsop.

He shared his picture and wrote this comment. "The Chevy Volt is no match for the Mack truck that rear ended me Wednesday during standstill traffic on the interstate but I do think its cleaver designed saved my life. RIP my 2012 Chevy Volt, can't wait to get a new one."

Then Karl wrote that he is "OK, just bruised ribs, no one else was in the Volt."

While the safety of EVs and Hybrids is being often questioned, this is not the first time that a Volt driver is hurt only minimally after a crash. In October of 2013 there was a report, where a young woman in Chevy Volt only minimally hurt after a drunk driver smashed and rolled her car. No wonder the Volt was a 2012 IHHS Safety Pick and the recipient of a five star vehicle score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, if you remember in a 2012 ad campaign, in which GM aimed to set the record straight about Volt's safety and battery concerns, Chevy mentions that the Volt’s battery was tested for 395,000 hours before being made available to the public.

I have contacted Karl Blinkinsop for more details through his Facebook page, but have not received a reply yet. Once more information is available I will update this page.

If you are a Volt driver would you like to share your experience regarding Volt's safety?

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This should come as no surprise.

The Chevrolet Malibu, which has been around for ages and shares essentially the same body design and chassis as the Volt, has similarly impressive safety ratings. At least for the major manufacturers, EVs tend to be based on existing gas-powered models. Go figure, the Nissan Versa has not-so-hot safety ratings and so does the Nissan Leaf based on the Versa's body and chassis.

If you look at a top-rated safety pick EV like the Model S and Volt (both five star rated), it becomes pretty clear EVs at least can be very safe concerning crash test ratings, even if not all of them are.

The Chevy Malibu is not off the same body style or chassis as the Volt. The Volt comes off the Cruze body style. That is not a negative as the Volt is amazing and it's safety is well designed to protect its passengers and the battery.

Very informative article. I was not aware that Chevy had tested the battery(s) in their Volt for some 395,000 hours. Sure Nissan did NOT do that. But its good that nobody was hurt. A car can be replaced by insurance but......

I went back to the doctor and it turned out my ribs were fractured but they healed up. My back was another story, I do feel that the Volt saved my life, it could have been much worse.