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Challenger is the car that gave me the strength to give up my beloved Trans Am

Today Chris Gaylord from Sevierville, Tennessee shared with me this story on why Dodge Challenger impressed him so as a result he gave up his beloved Pontiac Trans AM and baught the Challenger. Here is Chris in his own words.

Being a GM fanatic for many years I had put Mopar aside. My '99 TA was my baby and I swore I would keep it forever. In 2007 I had seen my first headline of Chrysler bringing the Challenger back with focus on the retro styling. It grabbed my attention from the start, but I kept my hard headed mind on my TA.

In March of 2014 I finally decided to take a closer upfront look at the Dodge Challenger and styles they provide.

My Trans Am had the LS1 305hp V8 and closer inspection of the 2014 3.6Ltr 305hp Pentastar Challenger SXT+ caught my attention. Same horse power with all the additional technology was what changed my mind and I went all in. One thing I have noticed is the closeness of the Mopar community and the willingness to help others. Sure you have your bad eggs that think that the 3.5 or 3.6 are not a muscle car, but it has all the meaning for me.

I had never been to a "car cruize" before but my first was the Skyline Drive Cruize in Virginia. A beautiful drive through the Shanendoah National Forest in Virginia. Held by folks who are Dodge Challenger fanatics and who appreciate the love for togetherness and sharing ideas. The picture I am including is from the 2014 Challenger Skyline Drive Car Cruize which was the first time I had attended one and I was accepted and treated like family.

My Trans Am might have been the only one, but my Challenger has become part of me.

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Enjoying the personal Challenger stories! I have one I will write. Is 2 pages too long?