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Camaro ZL1 vs 6th Gen Upgrade: Which One To Buy

I remember years ago in October of 2011 GM introduced the incredible 2013 Camaro ZL1 Convertible. Today, several years later with the introduction of the 6th Gen Chevrolet Camaro consumers are faced with decisions on which one to buy. Should They buy the ZL1 or the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro? Here is what the Camaro owners say.

Pros for the ZL1 Camaro

Markus Bailey Sr. - I have the convertible ZL1 and it's fast enough for me. Good power, fantastic brakes and fun to drive. When comparing it to my other two cars I wish it were a little lighter.

Dewey Stump - I love mine. It has all the creature comforts and is a true muscle car. I also own a 2015 Z28. The ZL1 is a better all around car for daily driving. I'd go for it if it fits your budget.

A user named Richard Kauth wrote that he had a 2013 ZL1, but the supercharger went out on it with less then 6500 miles on it. He suggests to get one if GM fixed the supercharger problem. To this a group member named Dewey Stump replied saying there was a recall on the superchargers. So just check to see if it applied to that car and see if it has been replaced.

Josh Townley - I love min ZL1. It's a 2014 model. looked for two months back and forth between Cadillac CTSV and this, but I like the sports car look and feel the Camaro ZL1. Cadillac is more luxurious and in my opinion doesn't look as good as ZL1.

Ryan Owens - I like the idea of the ZL1, but waiting for the 6th gen upgrades maybe worth it. Then again, a ZL1 for $30k in good working order... Sign me up!

Gavin Richmond - I like the Camaro ZL1 interior and cosmetics and the supercharger is a plus too. I mean for 30k I don't think you could beat it. I don't think I would have a problem selling it if it was taken care of and well rebuilt.

Pros for the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

Tim Emberton - Camaro ZL1 is a nice car. They are not as fast as they should be. 6th gen is out now and there will be amazing things to come. I'd wait.

PJ Singleton - I love the ZL1. However, I am just noticing though that the 2016 SS is posting performance numbers about the same as a ZL1. And it's around $40k and gets 28mpg highway.

Ashley La France - A good used ZL1 will be just as much as a new 6th gen.

Marshall Monroe - Great car but personally for the money you should probably get a 6th gen!

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