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Is This the Best Fall Picture for Ford Mustang

A club up in Southwest PA, named Mason-Dixon Crew, a branch from attended an Annual Fall Stang Run and took some fall-themed Ford Mustang pictures.

The first day, they started at a car show in Uniontown, PA. This show was for a High School Reunion who wanted to see nothing but Ford Mustangs! From there the club did a scavenger hunt and a drive towards the mountains in dense fog and it started raining. They took the scenic drive to Deep Creek, Maryland to see all the fall colors. Stopping to eat and for some go-cart racing fun.

The next day they attended the 46th Annual Autumn Glory Festival Car Show in Oakland, Maryland earlier in the day. It was a rainy day but they still attended the club and drove to Broadford Lake Park for a photoshoot. While this amazing picture was being taken of the Ford Mustangs with the beautiful fall scenery everyone was getting rained on and freezing! But nobody wanted to pass up this opportunity to capture the best fall picture featuring the Ford Mustang.

The club has 24 Mustangs this year and they are planning their trip to Lake Erie. They went to Ford Nationals at Carlisle and do tons of events together as a group. They coordinate with other local Mustang groups and once had 56 Mustangs come together for a Spring Run. The club occasionally has drag nights and many enjoying participating or watching and many giving it a try for their first time.

There is nothing better than having a group of Mustang friends to enjoy activities with. Having a skilled photographer capture the moments of fun and the bond of a Mustang family is priceless.

Club Photographer: Teri Biskup Garcia

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Where was this photo taken,? a Junk Yard near by?..