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3 Things Cadillac Owners Say They Love About Cadillac

There are certain things that are special about Cadillacs as well as about any car. In this story Cadillac owners discuss three particular things the love about their vehicles.

One person, named JoAnn from Cadillac CTS and CTS-V Owners from on Facebook shares the following 3 reason.

She loves the engine and how it roars when she starts her up or shuts her down. She loves the sunroof cover that swings all the way back for a full view of the sky. And third, as she puts it the "way 'Sugar' turn heads' as her Cadillac passes through on her way to wherever.

Another person said he liked the Satellite radio the Speed and the smoothness of the car and drive.

A user named Ryan says he likes the sound of the supercharger when he gets on it. He likes the amount of tire smoke when he pops the clutch. And he likes how his Cadillac sounds like a race car when he opens the cut outs. Now that is powerful stuff there. By the way see how these Cadillacs look after Photoshop.

"How it looks when i get out and look back at her," says a user named Steven. "The way she goes from smooth luxury car to sports car in a matter of seconds, and the look on people who break their necks to look at her in passing," he adds.

What is special about your Cadillac? Look how Cadillac CTS looks like after being totaled, but saved the driver.

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Are you kidding. Just to own and drive the CTS has been a lifetime dream. The car speaks for itself. No need for me to say anything, just drive it and the world understands, it's a special vehicle.