How Buying EVs Leads to Solar, and Charging My Volt In Real Time

From that point I was hooked on the whole Electric Vehicle concept, and was now all in. We leased our RAV 4 EV in February 2014 for my wife's 100 mile round trip commute to work. The original goal was to save money on "fuel" and to save her time with HOV lane access. In both instances the new experience has delivered. My wife's commute costs have gone from $18/day in gasoline to about $2 in electricity, and she saves roughly 40 minutes each way in the carpool lane. Win-win.

Three Advantages California Gives To Hydrogen Cars

Tony Williams writes discussing three advantages CA provides to hydrogen cars.

1) $5000 rebate, versus $2500 for EV (originally, EV had $5000 in 2011, but was quickly dropped to $2500)

2) NINE credits per vehicle from Air Resources Board (CARB-ZEV). A typical EV gets three, however, Tesla gets four (because their cars go over 200 miles)

3) $100 million for 68 hydrogen stations, dispensed at $20 million per year. For just the $20 million, we could blanket the entire state with DC chargers that had batteries and solar.