What Do We Need for Cleaner Cars?

Today, a number of companies are planning or already producing high-performing vehicles that run on electricity and other alternative fuels. Now more than ever before, auto manufacturers are competing to answer the call for environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Electric cars are, perhaps, the “ideal”, but most models to date have been hybrids that also rely on petroleum as part of their energy mix.

Major Names in Clean Energy Cars

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SHOCKER! Truck Buyers Don’t Really Care About Fuel Economy

Every truck maker in the U.S. has been working on developing new fuel efficient technologies in response to what they see as consumer demand as well as escalating CAFE fuel economy targets. While the race to hit the 30 MPG threshold is hot and heavy, all of these efforts seem to be lacking one key component - consumer interest. Frankly, consumers may say they want better truck fuel economy, but the numbers don’t back this idea up.

Don't believe us that fuel economy isn't the number one buying factor? Here is the proof.

Monthly Truck Sales

One of the tell-tale signs on consumer behavior is monthly truck sales. Historically truck sales rise throughout the year and due to various market conditions. For example, gasoline prices have been often tied to new truck sales. When gasoline prices are low, consumers buy more trucks than when it is high.

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