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What Are Summer and Winter Tires?

Summer might be months away, but it’s never too early to start shopping around for those special warm weather tires. Not only can shoppers save money, but also it should occupy hour upon hour while the snow falls outside. Currently, most vehicles will be fitted with winter tires and those are about as important as a snow scrapper for those living in the north.

Winter Tires

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How Do I Change My Car's Oil

Changing car oil is a lost art among young people, as it’s much easier to drop off the car at the dealer and have them do it for a fee. With this guide, TorqueNews will aim to answer that never ending question; how do I change my own oil?

Before the guide progresses any further, one needs to ask themselves a few questions. Do you enjoy getting dirty and working in the garage? Do you have your own set of tools? Do you know, at least a little bit, about the inner workings of a vehicle? If not, it might just be simpler to pay somebody to change that black liquid.

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