Kia TV ad urban hamsters will dig Kia Hamstar Soul

Ready to drive a car inspired by advertising rodents? Kia thinks you are and is releasing a special limited-run 2011 Kia Hamstar Soul to prove it...and sell a few cars while they're at it.

Fortunately there are no hamster graphics on the Hamstar (sic) Soul. The special edition of the boxy Kia Soul is inspired by the Kia television spot featuring music-loving urban hamsters. The hamster TV ad had more than seven million views online and launched a clothing line. Therefore Kia naturally decided to capitalize on the popularity of the pint-sized Soul-driving rodents with a car of their own.

The Kia Hamstar Soul is based on the Soul+ trim level and stands out in Molten Red with a black star graphic with the "signature Hamstar script logo" on the hood and diagonal serrated stripes in matte black on the sides. First seen at the 2010 SEMA show, the Hamstar Soul also comes adorned with body-colored bumpers with a rear bumper applique, fog lights and a rear spoiler, black 18-inch alloy wheels, black fender vents with turn signals and a matte black alloy fuel door. A sunroof is also standard on all Kia Soul Hamstars.


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