RMDE II: High speed at High Plains Raceway

Some folks are born to the racetrack and others find themselves there by a less direct route. Driving the latest automotive models about a track designed by, operated for and maintained in the interests of regional car and motorcycle-racing clubs is a rare opportunity for many in the automotive media. High Plains Raceway is just such a place under an hour East of Denver, where the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press provided track time for those attending the second annual Rocky Mountain Driving Experience this week.

If you have never driven on a racetrack, it is a much more mental exercise than you might think. Juggling speed, upcoming curves, others on the track and learning to create the most efficient and graceful arc through the nuances of the course is heady stuff at first. As you begin to grasp some of these basics, the thrill of sheer speed starts to come through and get a grip on your soul.

Arriving at the track, the Jaguar XFR beckoned and proceeded to deliver the full promise of its 5.0-liter, 510 horsepower SC V8 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission with sport mode and paddle shifters. Unless you drive HPR frequently, however, the first set of laps is reduced to re-assimilating the layout and intricacies of the track itself. The 2011 XFR is a very powerful and responsive vehicle requiring a high level of driving proficiency on the racetrack – like a spirited stallion not just anyone can ride. Nevertheless, it is well worth the effort.


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