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New site allows tire shopping online plus local installation

Auto owners in the Midwest and Eastern states can now replace tire shopping by running around and haggling for a good deal with an online visit that allows next day installation at a trusted local tire shop.

If you need new tires, who wants to be driving around town on worn out treads when you could just go to, shop online, price multiple brands online and then order next-day installation at a participating local dealer.

Snap! You’re done.

This approach is based on the latest research that shows people like the convenience of online shopping and the ability to make well thought out decisions without the input of a salesman. Once that decision is made for something like tires, most customers prefer the immediacy of going to a brick-and-mortar store to get them mounted on the vehicle.

That’s the advantage of the website created by Terry's Tire Town in Ohio – it directs consumers to locally trusted dealers after they make informed decisions online.

"In addition to convenience and an ability to shop features and prices online, customers tap into a network of independent tire dealers who are trained, certified and recognized by the manufacturers," said Terry's Tire Town CEO Will Tolerton. "We believe that gives the Internet shopper the best possible tire buying experience. Our network of independent tire dealers is the real strength behind the program."

Over 300 dealers have already signed up with the tire shopping online network, a number expected to grow rapidly.

The site carries most major brands, including Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Yokohama, Mastercraft, and Kumho, featuring authorized dealers associated with these brands.

Terry's Tire Town developed the website with Tire Company Solutions (TCS), based in Cookeville, Tenn. The firm specializes in software apps, but also supplies web-based point-of-sales tracking systems, inventory control and other services.

The advantage for the tire dealers is integration of essential technologies necessary to a high efficiency operation.

Using the full suite of services provided, tire dealers can track inventory, sales transactions and e-commerce via a single platform.


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