Mercedes Benz F125 Concept

Will the Mercedes-Benz F125! concept be the sports luxury EV of 2025?

The futuristic Mercedes-Benz F125! concept incorporates many of the technological aspects one would assume to be part of a sports luxury car of the mid 2020's – sleek design, advanced telematics, an extended range, a cutting-edge drivetrain plus computer aids to driving.

Large luxury oriented sports vehicles of the future, like the Mercedes Benz F125! concept, will have to deal with a greener, more congested and tightly regulated world than exists today, according to Dave Guilford writing for Automotive News.

Listening to Thomas Weber, director of research and development for Mercedes' parent company Daimler AG, one would get the idea the F125! addresses serious concerns – including the future of the Mercedes-Benz S-class lineup.

Usually, according to Weber, concept cars look one automotive generation into the future. The Mercedes-Benz F125! is an attempt to peer two such generations into the future, so at an average of 7 years between major model updates we’re looking towards the mid-2020’s.

In 2025, the corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) requirement in the United States may be as high as 54.5 mpg.

In the European Union, they are getting ready to inact a corporate average of 130 grams emitted per kilometer driven or 7.4 ounces per mile by 2015, with a stated goal of 95 grams per kilometer (5.4 oz./mile) by 2020. In contrast, the current average for European vehicles was 154 g/km (8.7 oz./mile) in 2008, according to the European automotive industry association, ACEA.


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