Mercedes-Benz Classic Center polishes the past’s jewels

They are the classics that have shone bright over a long history of 125 years – the owners of these vintage Mercedes-Benz want them to shine just as vibrantly today. That’s when the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (MBCC) becomes an asset as valuable as gold or platinum. There, over 50,000 parts from the model lineup over a century are available, not too mention restoration services from the company that built the vehicle originally and knows what the owners want now.

The MBCC, located in Irvine, CA, has only been around for five years and yet possesses the knowledge of the ages when it comes to finding rare parts or meticulously restoring classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles to original factory standards.

In just 60 months, the MBCC has provided one service or another to over 6,200 customers, building upon their dedicated service by qualified Mercedes-Benz brand technicians and providing an unprecedented business product in the marketplace.

"The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is in a unique position because of the knowledge and resources that we have onsite and can tap as a result of being part of the oldest car company in the world," said Mike Kunz, Manager of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA. "Our customers trust us with special cars that are valuable either monetarily, historically or sentimentally and know that their vehicles are being reviewed or worked on by experts in their field that are backed by 125 years of history."

As only such enterprise in the United States, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine maintains a close partnership with its sister institution in Fellbach, Germany, establishing a direct link to parts, tools, service manuals and production records needed to work on vintage Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The MBCC Center not only sustains these vehicles by helping customers locate even the rarest parts buy also by maintaining an extensive archives of documents on vehicle history dating back to original owners. Restoration experts from the Classic Center can even access the original build sheet and this is often free of charge to the customer.


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