Land Rover Defender DC100 concept at Frankfurt

Land Rover Defender concepts reveal revolutionary new technology at Frankfurt Auto Show

Land Rover’s Defender concept cars have radical new capabilities that would have saved some American drivers from being stalled by the recent torrential rains about the country – sonar sensors that can determine if water is too deep to pass through!

For more than 60 years, Land Rover has been creating all-wheel-drive vehicles that define capability, versatility and usability like no other vehicle. The Defender has inspired humanitarian efforts the world over. It is the initial reconfigurable vehicle, taking people beyond the limits whether explorers, ecologists, UN aid workers or Red Cross medics.

The Land Rover DC100 is demonstrating several remarkable new technologies at the Frankfurt Auto Show and proving it’s enviable status as THE Terran Excursion Module – if this vehicle won’t take you there, you really don’t want to go!

Auto Terrain Response
Though the Land Rover has always had terrain selection, now powerful new off-road sensors and adaptive systems will extend the capabilities of the Land Rover Terrain Response program, allowing it to automatically adapt to any environmental conditions without driver pre-selection.Terrain Response on the DC100 concepts utilize High-Definition cameras mounted up front to analyze the ground ahead. Then comparing this to images stored within a neural network allows the system to distinguish the difference between sand, grass, mud, gravel, snow and asphalt.

Intelligent Terrain Mapping
Land Rover’s DC 100 concepts contain an early-warning system, the cutting-edge Terrain-i mapper that creates 3D visualisation of the ground ahead, displaying it on the video screen. Like the systems fighter pilots use, Terrain-i uses a headlamp-mounted scanner running complex algorithms to assess the best route ahead and warn the driver of obstacles too large to be safely navigated.


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