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If you want safe driving kids, don't name them Rupert or Juliet

Drivers named Rupert or Juliet have been found the most likely to have multiple speeding tickets by the British insurance firm, Diamond, a female-focused coverage provider. Frankly, it cost less to insure female drivers.

The company examined over three million motorists to identify first names of drivers most likely to have points on their record for speeding. At least in England, the top five women's first names for speed queens are Juliet, Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis.

We’ve personally made the acquaintance of one woman named Alexis and she was an unmistakable wild one. In fact, she’s mentioned in a Tommy Bolin song from some years back. A friend and colleague confirmed this, by saying the only Alexis he ever knew fit the description to a T.

The men with the most cavalier disregard for speed limits are (again in the United Kingdom) Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin. In this case, the only Justin we’ve personally known was fairly easy-going and presumably a relatively safe driver.

Some of the big surprises come from the occupations that get the most tickets for speeding. If you suspect off-duty ambulance drivers, you’re dead wrong.

"Our research does indicate that people with certain names and occupations are more likely to have a speeding conviction than others,” said Sian Lewis, Diamond managing director. It was most surprising to see surgeons and other well-qualified professions top the list of occupations most likely to have a speeding conviction.

Surgeons and chartered surveyors topped the list of job profiles most likely to have been cited for speeding, followed closely (and over the limit) by area sales managers, board chairmen and chiropractors.


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