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Ford Fusion’s design inspires visionary multimedia artistry

The new Ford Fusion, to be released next month, has sparked a collaboration with MILK Studios, who have revealed "Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective" - a new immersive gallery experience, complete with original multimedia artworks and performances, live music, as well as panel discussions exploring the concept of fusion that opened in New York and will travel to Los Angeles.

Ford’s designers set out to blend form and function in the new Fusion with hopes of striking a chord with buyers by creating an accessible a high-end product previously beyond the reach of the average citizen.

Artistic imaginations given flight by that concept include Matthew Williams, former creative director for Lady Gaga and current collaborator with Kanye West and ShowStudio. They have created artworks for the project and are sharing the journey of their creative processes with visitors online.

"In the Ford studios, we bring the best designers, artists and engineers to work together creating a new generation of vehicles, just as artists work tirelessly to bring their visions to life," said J Mays, chief creative officer for Ford. "Our collaboration with MILK demonstrates how the powerful concept of fusion has inspired a wide range of artists to come together and fuse their diverse talents, while allowing access to the creative process of this new generation of designers."

Simply put, Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective is both a digital and physical gallery experience uniting fashion, music, photography and film with technology.

Other artists involved in the project include six multimedia artists including Pharrell Williams, Cyril Duval, renowned fashion and conceptual art designer, Nathaniel Brown, WIFE and Brian DeGraw. Each has created original artwork for the project and opened their studios to the public, documenting the creative journey via text and video at


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