Mineta Transportation Institute. (PRNewsFoto/MINETA TRANSPORTATION INSTITUTE)

Ecodriving is the Earth Day answer to vehicle emissions, fuel consumption

The Mineta Transportation Institute has issued a report on ecodriving education which finds that although not everyone will modify their behavior after learning bout the difference their driving style can make, even small behavioral shifts due to cost-effective data dissemination could be the most effective way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The report titled Ecodriving and Carbon Footprinting: Understanding How Public Education Can Result in Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Use provides a review and study of ecodriving education.

The methods employed could easily enhance more costly "dynamic ecodriving" efforts, that give continuous feedback through onboard driver monitoring systems.

Principal investigators for the study were Susan A. Shaheen, PhD, Elliot W. Martin, PhD, and Rachel S. Finson, MA.

"Ecodriving is a collection of changes to driving behavior and vehicle maintenance designed to impact fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in existing vehicles,” said Dr. Shaheen. “These include driving at the speed limit, keeping tires properly inflated, avoiding unnecessary weight, removing bike and roof racks, and observing other principles. Because of its promise to improve fuel economy within the existing fleet, ecodriving has gained increased attention in North America. One strategy to improve ecodriving is through public education on how to practice it."

The key study points included if commuters would adopt ecodriving practices if provided ecodriving and carbon footprinting information; to what extent greenhouse emissions and fuel consumption would drop from the new behavior and will the changes fade or persist.


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Hi Don, great article. I once reviewed a company that had a green driving app which made a lot of sense. I know there are a few today and they can help reduce overall costs and save gas.