Honda targets ‘Gen-Y’ to drive 2015 Fit sales to top of class

Honda is targeting resourceful Gen-Y customers with a fun multi-media campaign capitalizing on the flexibility and utility of the all new 2015 Fit. Torque News takes a closer look.

The Gen-Y young adults that we know are still sitting on their parent’s couch, playing video games, looking for meaningful employment or opting for an ever elusive Masters Degree in “ what ever man.” Many have graduated from college this week and may wish to take a collective breather.

None- the less, Honda knows that Generation-Y will inevitably rule the world some day and Honda looks to them to drive the # 1 brand in North America to new heights.

For those resourceful and ever- moving North Americans looking for a flex-mobile of high quality and tech-rich accoutrements, Honda presents the all new 2015 Fit. Torque News recently had the pleasure of test driving the first Honda Fit delivered to the Pacific Northwest. Manufactured with world-parts in Ciella Mexico, the all new Fit proves to be a blast to drive, handles well while looking good and is relatively affordable.


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I have owned a 2013 Honda Fit for almost 18 months now. This is my third Honda ('89 AWD tiny wagon which may have been the forerunner to the FIT and '92 Civic). I was so very pleased with my previous Honda vehicles that I eagerly looked forward to finally having my 'dream' car, the Fit! Alas, it has proven to be a disappointment, falling far short of expectations. I bought the Fit for its versatile interior configuration thinking that it was safe to take everything else for granted. BIG MISTAKE! I live in Texas and the Fit AC simply cannot handle the Texas heat. On a trip of more than 30 minutes, just when you need it the most, the AC cycles off! I am older. (Where a young person would stow a bicycle, I stow my walker.) I need that AC for health reasons! I had a perfectly good 2008 Nissan Versa that needed AC repair and made the decision to purchase a new Fit instead. BIG MISTAKE! My grandson bought the Versa from me. He fixed the AC himself and now has a cool ride with much better gas mileage than my new Honda! The Versa is a much more comfortable ride too and has ample legroom for rear passengers. I never thought it possible, but I am now saying that I truly REGRET BUYING the HONDA FIT!