Honda V4 concept

Honda's philosophy will insure company's greenautomotive dominance

"Honda is not so much in the business of selling cars as it is in the business of selling products that improve and enrich people’s lives," says Honda design engineer Toriyama.

And that’s the sole reason I choose to report on Honda engineered automobiles and motorcycles. Honda is arguably the most diverse and exciting Eco conscious techno-engineering firm on the planet.

Wednesday, the company was awarded yet another award for reducing emissions and manufacturing related pollutants in Europe for decreasing the average fuel consumption of its fleet by 9.5% over levels recorded in 2012. Honda’s “blue sky for our children” is more than an environmentally based mantra, it’s a corporate wide based manufacturing philosophy.

The Fit and CV-R manufacturing facility scheduled to open in Mexico in 2014, will be the first zero manufacturing waste by product plant in North America.

In the last 60 days Honda has moved into the lead for small and midsized vehicles sold and manufactured in North America, while increasing exports of Accord,Civic,Fit, and CVR. All, manufactured in the United States and Canada. The Honda Accord will be once again the best selling sedan in North America. Civic? #2...


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