2014 Honda Acty micro truck

Honda micro Acty truck perfect for North America EV platform

Weighing in at 1800 lbs, micro trucks are the preferred city delivery method for much of the world. We ask the question, why not a Honda Acty truck, van or EV micro truck for North America?

In a world obsessed with high mpg ratings and low carbon footprint, why hasn't Honda introduced a gas, hybrid or electric Acty truck or van to the North America market?

Although the Acty is small by domestic standards,(74.8” wheel base) its utility is large, and implied application unlimited. Measuring ¾ the length of a 2014 Civic, finding a parking place for the Acty is not problematic.

Designed for moving in and out of big intercity traffic or bouncing down a dirt road in 4x4 mode, the Acty’s 660 c.c. straight 3 fuel injected single cam produces 53 h.p. and 35 lbs torque at 5,000 rpm while sipping gasoline. Well, sort of…

In its present internal combustion mode, the Honda Acty averages 32 mpg with individuals reporting 50 mpg. Remember, these micro trucks are used almost exclusively for stop and go city freight delivery. The focus has not been on fuel economy but rather return on initial investment, low operational cost and reliability.

This is the perfect venue for Honda’s “Earth Dreams” hybrid engine/motor propulsion drive. Let’s do it. The question is, can Honda produce an affordable EV or Hybrid on this world chassis?


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Love the concept of morphing the micro Act truck into the first viable EV micro delivery in North America. If you have a viable idea for conversion or innovation, I'd love to read you here.
Interesting idea, what would it take to convert this to electric?
Until that happens, Introduce the Honda Micro Acty Truck/Van into the U S market ASAP.Ford has one, why doesn't Honda compete? The U S market is ready for other brands of Micro Trucks/Vans.Just adjust the EPA to fit the U S standards. The U S can use a better built vehicle in our market,which will be more dependable. Why are they exclusive in other parts of the world? Is Honda scared they won't sell? You start selling those in the U S and you won't be able keep up with the demand. NOW IS THE TIME ! ! !
This truck is at least twenty years overdue in U.S.
From a size, and versatility perspective, an EV ACTy is a great idea ... but theres a fundamental problem. Current drive is a lightweight alloy 660cc engine attached directly to a rear mounted transaxle, w/ no low range ... VERY light-weight. RATED cargo capacity is 750lbs, and the drive axles, springs, brakes and tires are all scaled for that weight rating: upping the GVWR would mean heavier springs, brakes, safety features, etc ... so ... the issue is weight. Assuming for simplicity, and cost effectiveness you keep the lightweight transaxle, a decent electric motor will weigh about the same as the 660. Existing fuel tank is 30 liters ... about 45lbs, full, when you include the weight of the tank its self. so how do you accomodate the weight of a decent battery pack, and still leave a usuable cargo capacity? Who wants a truck w/ under 500 lb load capacity, when an existing EV car will carry the same?