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Why Honda Accord and Civic dominate U.S. light vehicle sales for 2013

While there is no shortage of choice in the mid-size and compact car sector in North America, Honda’s Accord and Civic continue to dominate the light vehicle segment. Placing 1st and 2nd in the light vehicle sales race, buyers 18-34 purchase more Hondas than any other make. What’s the hook that brings America’s youngest and brightest to the mark ?

I believe it’s Honda’s on board personal communications and audio interface compatibility and Eco-friendly engine technology; contained within a sophisticated ever-evolving fun to drive affordable car loved by millions.

If the 2014 Accord Coupe and Civic Si are any indication of things to come, Honda will continue to be the automotive benchmark in the mid-sized, small car segment. Year to date, Accord and Civic are number 1 and 2 respectively in light vehicle sales to young progressives between the ages of 18-34. This group represents the most tech-savvy generation in the history of the planet.

It’s also a group that’s grown up with Honda and carries no parent-programmed notions of an invading foreign manufacturer taking away jobs from American workers. To many Honda owners, their personal ride is as American or Canadian as your Chevrolet or Chrysler product. In-fact, Honda has manufactured more than 25 million vehicles in North America.

Operating 14 major manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada, Honda has cornered 16.6% of the domestic automotive market. So how did this Japanese manufacturer become as American as mom and apple pie? By producing a quality; affordable; tech-filled, fun to drive personal statement.

What that statement says about the car’s owner is up to you.

Highly tunable as well as customizable, HRP and others, can provide those personal touches that say “ this is me, and I love my car.” It isn’t a man or a women thing, it’s a fashionable, kick-butt mobility thing.


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Why do you think Accord and Civic are the best selling mid and small segment car in North America. I'd like to read your Honda experience here.
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