Better safe than sorry, Honda recalls Japan built 2013 Fit

Despite a stellar reputation for economically priced quality built cars, American Honda is recalling the 2013 Fit. We take a closer look at the numbers.

Following last weeks article praising Honda for producing an entry level car of exceptional utility and value, Honda opted to recall 1038 Japan built and imported North American Fit hatchbacks. The current recall like most is a failsafe method of insuring public safety, when it comes to drivetrain components.

Honda’s 2015 roadside service policy won’t help these owners. None the less, Honda believes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Honda’s not telling us what variant of the 2013 Fit is involved in the recall. Consumers may enter their car’s Vin # here and check the recall status of the Fit.

Honda tells Torque News that by gleaning information gathered through warranty claims, they've discovered a pattern developing in the failure of the 2013 Fit right side driveshaft.

While there is no report of related accident resulting from this failure to date, Honda’s not taking any chances. The implications are, that if the driveshaft fails at any speed, the car can’t be self driven off of the roadway.


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No arguments here.Honda says safety first and I agree.