Weekly chart of Ford stock as of 5-1-2012

Ford stock hits trading channel for a reason

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) stock is challenging price support once again, despite its $1.4 billion first-quarter profit; and resistance is not that far above present price.

[ Correction 5/1 10:15 p.m.: the weighted WMA50 was incorrectly labeled as a MA20, moving average 20 period ]

Look at 13.05 as resistance and 9.75 as the lower support levels for the weekly chart of Ford stock. Furthermore, that 9.75 level gets repeated as far back as 2010. Point is, the technicals that define the stock’s price dynamics this year do not lie. Ford’s stock pattern is far from bullish; in other words, it’s in a trading channel.

Look again, though, at that green line on the chart that represents the weighted 50-period moving average. There are three aspects here: one is the relative position of today’s price; the second is the slope of the average which is sideways to slightly up; the third is the WMA50's relation to the WMA150; meaning it is below it.

Now, you may favor other averages like the non-weighted MA150 or the MA200, especially on a daily chart. Point is, the longer you go out, the less you are apt to see a turnaround. The WMA50 is weighted for a reason. It weights the most recent data as more important; and thus a key indicator of price trend bias; and this bias for Ford stock is to the consolidation side; meaning, it is neither going up or down with any significance.

On the other hand, present price is below the weighted 150 period moving average (dark red). That is significant; and it is bearish, and should breed caution.


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