BMW Group displays Highly Automated Driving

The BMW is once again showing why it is the Ultimate Driving Machine, as Motorway A9 from Munich to Nuremberg shows the usual high volume of traffic, but despite the stress of the situation, the driver sits calm and relaxed behind the wheel, because the automobile is doing the driving. It's BMW's automated car.

Would you be calm behind the wheel of a vehicle with highly automated driving technology? BMW Group’s Research and Technology believes you will be, when driving an automated car. For the record, a car that is highly automated means it brakes, accelerates and passes other vehicles on its own, while also monitoring and adapting to the prevailing traffic conditions.

According to the latest media release from BMW Group, Dr. Nico Kämpchen, Project Manager of Highly Automated Driving at BMW Group Research and Technology, has already completed nearly 5,000 test kilometers with his team. In order to offer drivers comfortable and safe vehicles in the future, equipped with the most modern assistance systems available, the engineers at BMW Group Research and Technology have been working for many years on the development of electronic co-pilots to support automated driving in specific situations – for example the BMW TrackTrainer tested on the race track, as well as adaptive cruise control (ACC) and the Emergency Stop Assistant.

To further understand the potential offered by these systems, as well as their limitations, researchers are ready to take their next major step: developing advanced driver assistance systems for the motorway.

To accomplish this, researchers have equipped a BMW 5 Saloon with intelligent software as well as vision assistance and environment detection systems. The advanced automated assistance function for motorway journeys can be activated with the push of a button. From this point on, the prototype system can autonomously control acceleration and braking, and it can safely pass slower vehicles.


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