St. Ignace Car Show for 2012 welcomes everyone

2012 St. Ignace Car Show: Three days of cruising and lots of showing off

Three days of car show began in St. Ignace, Michigan with a kick-off cruise event followed by parade the second day. The videos will do most of the reporting.

Yes, it’s true that I was there in St. Ignace for more than the 2012 car show which ran from June 28 through June 30th. Me and Judi headed up to see some friends, like Warren Hagan (owner of Fort Algonquin); Al Trombley a.k.a. Junior and friend of “Roseville Joe” Gibbs; and Jamica, (owner and restorer of multiple Opel GTs as well as owning a Native American Indian store/museum called Keg & Anvil). Still, we fully intended not to miss out on eating white fish on a wooden plank, enjoy the weather and water of the Upper Peninsula, not to mention the car show.

Fact is, I had heard of the quality and magnitude of this car show when we visited Kim Hagan in St. Ignace last year. This year, though, she is in Italy studying solar flares. I was unsure, though, if even we could make it, considering my mom-in-law is in Hospice. But we did manage to get a away for a few days this time, including seeing my sister, Dorothy, in Traverse City on the way back.

Regarding the St. Ignace Car Show, it is comprised of literally three days of car events. The first night centers on the first cruise, which I have video below. The second day centers on sunshine, cars and displays in town, followed by a parade of cars. The third day focuses on awards.


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