New Suzuki Swift Concept Teased For Geneva Motor Show

The tiny Japanese automaker, Suzuki, is planning on introducing the next-generation Swift, called the “Swift S-Concept” at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

The Suzuki Swift hatchback has gone without a major refresh since 2004 and based on the design of this new concept, the new hatchback might be in for a real treat, as it looks far more aggressive than its predecessor. Suzuki is only willing to show us the front of the vehicle at this time, but based on that along, it seems, like the Kizashi, that Suzuki has designed another gorgeously sculpted machine.

The Suzuki Swift is due for an overhaul, as it has remained in its current form since 2004. The current generation might not sell well in the United States, but it has received praise over in Europe for its excellent driving dynamics. Even the boys from Top Gear found the Swift to be one quality vehicle. Given the fact that, despite the praise, the Swift is due for an update, this new “Swift S-Concept” fits the bill as the next version.

The letter “S” stands out in the name and might mean this concept is a sport version of the Suzuki Swift. That being said, there have been little details on the vehicle itself, so for now, one must assume the facts.


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