Chevy Volt Battery Tester Says It's Good To Have Skeptics

The Chevrolet Volt recently earned Car of the Year honors from Motor Trend and Automobile and while that’s great news for Chevrolet’s marketing team, it’s even better news for Scott Herz.

Herz is a test engineer that is currently working on the batteries for the Volt and has worked in the lab for more than two years. He has run check and check on the batteries, in order to guarantee that the Volt lives up to its massive hype.

He is one of 20 or so people working in the Volt team.

Despite recent praise for journalists, Herz is used to it by now. During a test at Silicon Valley, employees from HP, Cisco, Google and Oracle praised the vehicle.

“The first thing they want to do is compare it to their Prius in how it performs. And everybody’s review is that it’s so much better and it exceeds their expectations so much that they just get out and they’re so happy about it,” said Herz.

Of course, not everybody will love the Volt and Herz understands this better than anybody, but he knows that it’s good to have skeptics.

Skeptics aside, the Volt has been a big hit so far.


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