2011 Scion xB Review; No Longer Just A Toaster On Wheels

No longer just a box on wheels, the new 2011 Scion xB is a step in the right direction for the automaker, but all that potential seems to go to waste with outdated equipment and a lack of interior focus.

The boxcar is a modern trend that has been accepted by some and loathed by others. Honda attempted to garner support by stepping out of their normal bubble with the Element, while Toyota created a whole new brand from the ground up for their own boxy toaster on wheels. This company went by the name Scion, while the toaster in question’s nametag read xB.

Scion’s first generation xB was a bit of a quirky mix between a four-door hatchback and SUV look. That’s not to say it looked bad, as that’s all of matter of opinion, but it did garner its share of jokes. For 2011, Scion has dropped the square design and added some curves to the xB’s lines.

With a revamped design inside and out, is the xB still a wildcard in the vehicle pond, or has Scion normalized their most recognizable machine?

The first thing that one will notice with the new xB is the increased size. Scion hasn’t been in America long, but it has taken a liking to the gastronomical culture and puffed it up a bit. That’s not to say it’s a large vehicle, but when Scion swapped the Yaris platform for the Corollas, they enlarged the xB by a noticeable amount.

The 2011 Scion xB still has some wagon features to it and it certainly has the dimensions to be considered a utilitarian feel to it. The xB is twelve inches longer and almost three inches wider, but it’s around an inch lower to the ground than before. The nose appears to be longer and the roofline has a new chopped look to it. The D-pillars are now stainless steel instead of glass, which manages to give the new xB a hefty look over the old model.


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I drove a 2010 Scion xb for Oregon Taxi in Eugene, Oregon for about a year. We put approx. 100, 000 miles on it during that time. It ran virtually 100% of 12 hrs. X 2 shifts x 7 days a week schedule. It got oil changes @ approx. 10 to 12,000 miles. No tune up or repairs other than tires, brakes & an occasional light bulb. Great car for taxi service. I got approx. 23 to 24 mpg average w/ lots of idol time during the 12 hr. shift.