2012 Bowler Range Rover

What a 2012 Range Rover on steroids looks like

Land Rover and Bowler have agreed to a brand partnership between the two British companies that will help both realize greater off-road performance success.

When carmakers have a chance to learn from the high-performance racing industry they jump at the chance to do so. Most brands have a partnership with a racing team and performance division that help develop the latest performance technology that ends up in their production vehicles. But what does Range Rover, who has the most capable off-road production vehicle in the world, do to improve? They join up with Bowler, who is the UK-based manufacturer of all-terrain performance cars and rally raid vehicles.

The two companies have already had a ten-year relationship, but the new agreement will formalize the partnership and allow both companies to continue to get better at what they do. The new formal brand agreement was officially announced by Land Rover on Thursday.

How will Bowler benefit?

Bowler will begin badging “Powered by Land Rover” on all their competition vehicles and marketing materials. Bowler has been using Land Rover equipment for decades to gain the success that they have in off-road racing. The company's latest models, the EXR rally raid competition car and the road-going EXR S both use modified engines, chassis and other components from the Range Rover Sport. But now Bowler will benefit from access to powertrain and chassis components and engineering and technical support from Land Rover.


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