2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country

Volvo launches capable 2013 V40 Cross Country all-roader

Volvo is launching the all-new 2013 V40 Cross Country that offers all-wheel-drive for rugged adventure.

In 1997, Volvo brought out the V70 Cross Country that started a whole new segment. Now the new 2013 V40 Cross Country continues in that tradition and features an off-road capable vehicle that is rugged enough for some extreme adventures. The V40 Cross Country is different than the XC models in that the XC models offer a crossover body style with an elevated seating position. The new V40 Cross Country is an all-road version closer to the wagons and hatchbacks from which they are based.

All-wheel drive capability

But the biggest difference is the V40 Cross Country comes with all-wheel-drive and rides 40 mm higher than the standard V40. The Cross Country models also get some other unique features like larger wheels up to 19-inch, a dark contrasting front bumper, honeycomb mesh grille and upright DRL-lights and a contrasting rear bumper with integrated skid plate.


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