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Toyota cars will sense drivers’ moods in the future

Toyota is working on technology that will be able to read drivers’ moods and adjust how the car reacts.

All in an effort to build safer cars in the future, Toyota is developing a new mood-sensing technology. According to What Car, this technology will be able to detect if a driver has had a bad day at work or if he is angry and could be in danger of driving aggressively. The technology has been in the works since 2006, but Toyota now has a working model that will be able to identify exactly what the emotional state of the driver is and can react with a number of different warning systems if necessary.

The technology will read the drivers’ mood and determine if he or she is sad, happy, angry, or just neutral and can then asses how likely the driver is to be distracted. The system will be armed with a number of different safety reminders and then can alert the driver of any potential hazards in advance.

The system will even be able to take over by directly controlling a vehicle either by braking or steering to avoid an obstacle if the driver is distracted. The research showed that an angry or upset driver, is less likely to see a potential danger and could be alerted, such as a child crossing the road, or traffic that has come to a sudden stop ahead. The system will alert the distracted driver who is in a much different place than a driver who is in a calm or neutral state.


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