2014 BRZ S with STI performance package

Subaru launches distinctive 2014 BRZ S STI performance package

The new 2014 BRZ S with an STI performance package has just been launched with pricing and is available for purchase now in Australia.

There is good news for BRZ performance fans down under and across the globe. Subaru Australia has just launched a new 2014 BRZ S STI performance package that upgrades the standard model. Back in May we reported that Subaru would be launching the new model and it’s available now for purchase. We’ve known that Subaru would add the STI performance package to the BRZ and now the new S model will give performance enthusiasts a new STI package. It will feature a number of distinctive performance goodies for current owners and can also be added to a new car at the factory.

The 2014 BRZ S adds features that all come from STI (Subaru Tecnica International) track-inspired equipment. This BRZ S STI performance pack is available now and can either be purchased online by new buyers or retrofitted for existing owners through Subaru dealers. The new STI pack will come at a cost of $7195 (Australian) for the automatic BRZ and $7995 for the BRZ with the manual gearbox. All components will carry the full three-year/unlimited kilometer factory warranty that comes with the car.

New STI S Package

The new S performance pack comprises a long list of components that distinguish it from the standard BRZ. The 2014 BRZ S will be track ready and will include front under, side, rear-side and boot lip spoilers, a flexible tower bar, lower coil spring set and 17-inch black STI alloy wheels. It will also feature an STI manual gear shift lever assembly, Duracon shift knob (manual-only), engine push-button start switch and rear under diffuser.


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