Lexus LF-CC Concept

New Lexus LF-CC video previews 2014 IS coupe

The Lexus LF-CC concept car has been completely revealed in a new video and gives us the best look yet at a preview of the 2014 Lexus IS coupe.

Lexus revealed the LF-CC concept car in some spectacular images yesterday just ahead of its debut at the 20i2 Paris Auto Show. But now we can show you every detail of the car that is expected to be a preview of the upcoming 2014 Lexus IS. Lexus has released a new video below that shows the LF-CC concept cars beautiful exterior as well as giving us a look at the luxury interior. The future car follows the LF-LC sports coupe concept that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

Lexus insiders say the LF-LC Concept will certainly become a production model within the next three years. This will give Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda the sports car he needs to compete with his German rivals. Both the LF-LC and the LF-CC concept cars are a departure from the brands conservative image. These cars will help Lexus transform the luxury brands image into a force to compete with both BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Lexus is making a move to compete with the Germans who have outpaced the rest of the automotive world with their luxury performance cars. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche are all having record sales with their performance and luxury cars in 2012 and are forecasting even better sales for 2013.


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Good scoop Dennis I just hope "All new Drivetrain" doesn't mean weak and underpowered. It will be hard to go backwards from the 306hp in the IS350 line. The 250 is an embaressment. Wanna bet they kill the IS-F with the V8? Wanna bet they pretend a V6 with an electric motor is just as good?
Please Lexus give the UK your 350 version of the wonderful V6 and not the unfulfilling 250 that we have at present in the IS. You can have a huge slice of the German cake if you give us more power combined with your wonderful Hybrid economy, but NEVER let the quality and reliability slip as others have done as this is what makes your brand in my opinion No 1. Fantastic looking car, i want one now!