Amber and Angela Cope

NASCAR's 'smokin hot' Cope twins more than just a pretty face

Amber and Angela Cope are taking NASCAR by storm and are using the Kardashian’s as inspiration to build a modeling and fashion empire.

NASCAR racers Amber and Angela Cope appear to be overnight sensations, but their racing career started back when they were nine years old when they began racing go-karts. Now in their late 20’s, the twins are taking the racing world by storm. Not only are they professional NASCAR drivers, but they also have a professional modeling career.

Instead of earning contracts with "oil or gasoline companies," the Cope sisters have landed spreads in Maxim Magazine and campaigns with shoe company Luichiny. In an interview with Styleist, the Cope twins said they have their goals set even higher. "We want it all," Angela says, "We want a clothing line at Walmart, we want a nail polish line."

And they use another set of siblings, the Kardashians, as their inspiration. "We love the Kardashians," Angela says. "I know it's stupid, but the whole empire they built..." Amber continues where Angela left off, "We love how hard those women work to have what they have."


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Danika who?