MINI puts the pedal to the metal in 'Britalian Job' [Video]

MINI has produced a short video clip called 'Britalian Job' that pays tribute to the famous Italian Job movie and honors the British 2012 Olympic athletes.

MINI has produced a video that pays tribute to the original 1969 Italian Job movie and honors British athletes participating in the 2012 London Olympic games this summer. In the original 1969 film of the Italian Job, there was one of the best chase scenes of all time. The film is an icon in Britain and In November 2004, Total Film named The Italian Job the 27th greatest British film of all time.

In the movie, three MINIs race through the shopping center of the Via Roma, up the roof of the Palazzo a Vela and around the rooftop test track of the Fiat Lingotto factory. In a famous scene, the MINI’s run down the steps of the Gran Madre di Dio church while a wedding is in progress.

The drivers escape by driving through sewer pipes, eluding the police and make their final getaway driving up the back of a six-wheeled Harrington Legionaire-bodied Bedford VAL coach while it’s driving. After the gold has been unloaded, they push the MINIs out of the coach as it travels through hairpin turns in the Alps.

The U.S. remake of the Italian Job

The popularity of the film has led to parodies and other productions like the Italian Job remake. The U.S. version was made in 2003 and had an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron. The plot was similar with a gold heist and of course a chase scene with the MINI’s. But these three MINI’s had to be modified in order to handle all the extra weight of the gold.


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