Kyle Busch's Rowdy Edition Camry

Kyle Busch ‘Rowdy Edition’ Camry dream build revealed

Kyle Busch took a 2012 Toyota Camry SE and remade it into the ‘Rowdy Edition’ Camry for the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge.

Kyle Busch has taken his “win or go home” racing philosophy and infused it into a 2012 Toyota Camry SE named the “Rowdy Edition” Camry after his “Rowdy” handle on the NASCAR racing circuit. The car was designed by Busch to compete in a very different race from what he is used to on the NASCAR circuit. This race will pit Busch and three other racing stand-outs against each other in a vehicle-modification build competition sponsored by Toyota. It’s called the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge.

Kyle Busch has been a captivating figure in stock car racing since 2001,when at the age of 16, he started his racing career. Since then, he has 104 career wins and is one of NASCAR’s top drivers. He is now hoping to head to the winners circle again, this time in his custom built 2012 Toyota Camry SE “Rowdy Edition” dream build car. Toyota says the Rowdy Edition Camry “is all about style and substance.” And Busch had much to do with the modifications to the stock Camry.


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