2012 Ferrari 458 Spider

Kobe Bryant has much in common with the Ferrari 458 Spider [Video]

MVP Kobe Bryant was recently spotted driving his 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and Ferrari has just won a prestigious award for the convertible sports car.

Kobe Bryant owns a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider like the one that has just received the “Best Sports Car and Convertible” award from The Sunday Times Driving in the UK. The Ferrari 458 Spider received the prestigious award from one of the UK’s most influential newspapers and was announced in a special edition issue celebrating the Top 100 Cars. Bryant who also has numerous awards, was spotted driving his new convertible 458 Spider as he was leaving a recent Los Angeles Lakers training camp.

It was reported here back in March, that Bryant had just purchased his new Ferrari 458 Spider and paid $329,000 cash for the sports car. The Lakers MVP paid a bit more than the sticker price because he had to customize the roadster to accommodate his 6'6" NBA frame. But for Bryant who has one of the top salaries in the NBA, it was just chump change to pay an extra $100,000 to get the needed changes made by Ferrari.

We can see why Bryant chose the 458 Spider as his daily driver to get to the Lakers training camp. The Sunday Times Driving, in its review of the Top 100 Cars commented, “This car is simply sublime. A 458 is not a pure-bred sports car. Yes, it drives like one, but it’s also a singer and a model and an athlete. It’s a heptathlete with the lungs of Pavarotti and the face of an angel. The best convertible sports car on the market.”


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