Kobe Bryant drops $329,000 on a Ferrari 458 Italia and pays 100K more than MSRP

Kobe Bryant gets a new toy to add to his already nice stable of cars. He just purchased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia for $329,000 and paid cash.

Even though Kobe Bryant is going through a divorce with his wife Vanessa, life appears to be good for the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard. As reported by AutoFixx, Bryant just purchased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia for $329,000 and paid cash.

With the top salary in the NBA, at $25,244,000, even if he does have to give up half his fortune in the divorce, the price he paid for his new Ferrari is just chump change for the five-time NBA champion. It should make a nice addition to his already fine stable of automobiles.

It’s not been determined if he has to spit his cars with Vanessa, but the 33-year-old’s garage already houses some super-fine automotive machines such as a Range Rover, Ferrari F430, Bentley Continental GT coupe, Azure Mulliner convertible, Cadillac Escalade and a 1963 Chevy Impala rag-top.

AutoFixx reports the "Black Mamba" paid $100,000 more than the MSRP sticker price of the Italian supercar.  If speculation is correct that he had to customize the roadster to accommodate his 6'6" NBA frame, then that’s a very expensive customizing job. I hope he also upgraded the 458 Italia with other goodies to make his ride stand out from any other Ferrari.


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