Infiniti Emerg-e Concept

Infiniti Emerg-e: A glimpse into Infiniti's future [Updated] Video

The stunning new high-performance Infiniti Emerg-e Concept will make its North American debut at 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Infiniti has been a sponsor of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event that has over 100 years of history. The Japanese automaker has brought a number of new cars to show off what the future at Infiniti will look like. The Infiniti Emerg-e Concept is one of those vehicles.

The Infiniti Emerg-e Concept is not your average electric vehicle. The Emerg-e Concept is a true supercar and will excite anyone who loves high-performance vehicles. The mid-engine sports car will make its U.S. debut this weekend at Pebble Beach for performance enthusiasts to see. Infiniti has had a presence at the event for many years and this year will be special as the Japanese automaker brings the most advanced concept ever to the town near San Francisco.

The Emerg-e Concept was launched in Geneva and immediately got the attention of the automotive world. This is the first mid-engine designed cat that the Infiniti brand has produced and takes the company in a completely new direction. The hot new sports car combines supercar performance with the technology of electric propulsion.

Infiniti says the 402-horsepower mid-engined, twin electric motor-powered Emerg-e will sprint from 0–60 in just 4.0 seconds, and from 0-130 mph in “a single, seamless 30-second burst.” And accomplishes this by operating in a a zero-emission urban transport over a 30-mile range.


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