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Hyundai and Kia to reimburse owners for mislabeled EPA fuel ratings

In a surprising announcement, Hyundai and Kia are adjusting fuel economy ratings for approximately 900,000, 2011-13 model year vehicles and will reimburse owners for additional fuel costs.

If you own a 2011-13 model year Hyundai or Kia vehicle sold through October 31, 2012, you will be receiving a refund from the South Korean automaker. It was announced today that both companies will need to adjust fuel economy ratings for approximately 900,000 vehicles, which represents 35 percent of vehicles sold through October, 2013. The companies are voluntarily adjusting the numbers after discussions with the EPA revealed procedural errors occurred during the testing process in Korea.

A comprehensive reimbursement program

Both Hyundai and Kia which are a part of the Hyundai Motor Group, have announced a program to reimburse affected current and former vehicle owners to cover the additional fuel costs associated with the fuel economy rating change. The company says that “Customers will receive a personalized debit card that will reimburse them for their difference in the EPA combined fuel economy rating, based on the fuel price in their area and their own actual miles driven.”

And for the inconvenience it has caused customers, Hyundai and Kia will add an extra 15 percent to the reimbursement amount. As long as customers own their current effected vehicle, they will be able to “refresh” their debit card. Prior owners of the mislabeled vehicles, who have already sold their cars, will also be reimbursed using the same formula.


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