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Guinness world record set by extreme MINI parking [Video]

The Guinness World Record for Tightest Parallel Parking was broken last week in China, when a MINI managed to squeeze between two MINIs with only 15 cm to spare.

Parallel parking has to be one of the hardest driving skills to try to master. Some drivers can’t even pull into a parking spot in a lot without getting too close. And now we have electronic parking assist systems in cars that will perform parallel parking for us with a touch of a button. And they aren’t just for luxury car owners anymore, but are available on the Ford Focus with Active Park.

Yet, what MINI did in China was totally incredible. China’s Han Yue, set out to show that human beings can do some things machines will never be able to do. MINI recently held a promotional event in China for the debut of a new version of its hatchback called "The Chinese Job." In a brilliant marketing job, the car was used to set the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job. Two professional drivers were used to set the record and they made it appear easy.

The drivers pulled off the incredible feat by using a nifty handbrake maneuver to slide the car into place. The first Chinese driver to make an attempt set the new record at a combined distance of just 21 centimeters left using his MINI hatchback sliding it between two Clubman models. Not to be outdone, the second driver takes the same car and proceeds to slide the MINI between the Clubmans and breaks the record again at 20 cm.


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That was great. Genius! I would have liked to have been on the engineering team putting that system together.