Future Porsche lineup may include a Panamera Cabriolet and a Cayenne Coupe

Porsche has revamped their entire lineup since the 2009 model year, and according to reports, more changes are on the way.

Details are beginning to emerge about Porsche’s future lineup and according to a recent report by Automobile Magazine, Porsche will launch several new models by 2017. The German automaker has been highly successful in recent years and claims to have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the industry.

The merger with Volkswagen and a large injection of cash, has left the German company in a good position with lots of money to spend on developing new models. Volkswagen has made it clear that they want to be the largest car manufacturer on the planet, and new Porsche CEO Matthias Muller has injected a new passion into the brand.

The controversial styled four door Porsche Panamera is set to get an update next year that should make the car more appealing. It is slated to get an updated exterior design with new bumpers and restyled headlights. But according to Automobile Magazine, the German automaker has much more planned for the Panamera in the near future.

The reports are suggesting that after the 2013 update, there could be several new variants including a shooting brake (wagon), several cabriolet models and a long-wheelbase variant which will undoubtedly be popular in China. The second generation Panamera is expected to bring more variants to the lineup by 2015. Sources also say a Pajun Panamera Junior could be launched in 2017. Little is known about the smaller model, but rumor has it that it could be offered in two or three body styles.


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