Eric Clapton's SP12 EC Ferrari

Eric Clapton's $4.75 million Ferrari is officially unveiled

Eric Clapton's one-off SP12 EC Ferrari has been officially unveiled as Ferrari has acknowledged the special car.

Back in March, we told you about a car that was caught on video that was thought to be the Ferrari custom built for Eric Clapton. Now Ferrari has officially announced and unveiled the one-off custom Ferrari for the world to see. The supercar was designed by the Ferrari Style Center in collaboration with Pininfarina and Maranello’s engineers. Clapton has loved Ferrari’s for many years and has owned a number of the expensive rides.

The custom SP12 EC, (special project car, number 12, Eric Clapton) was designed to pay tribute to the singer’s favorite 1970s Ferrari 512BB. That car which he previously crashed and was almost killed, was on the cover of his "Slowhand" album. He has owned three other Ferrari 512 BB’s and this new creation takes its inspiration from the 458 Italia.

In Ferrari Magazine, Eric Clapton talked about his passion for the car and how the idea was originally born. He said that embarking on the project was like “being in front of a gigantic blank canvas that had to be painted on” and that being involved with the design and development of the car was “an incredible experience, one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done."

We can just imagine how satisfying it would be to give Ferrari a blank check and see what their One-Off Programme can create. The car is estimated to be worth $4.75 million, but because it's a unique one-of-a-kind creation, and will be owned by the English musician, it will likely be worth much more.


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Me: "Baby this car tops at 202mph, I'd top that car out as soon as I got it" My girlfriend: "Where would you even do a thing like that?!" Me: "I ninety fi.." Her: "I guess anywhere you want since nobody will want to try and stop you..." Go, Clapton, go.
0-100 in 3.4 seconds? Dunno about that one. If its 0-100KPH you need to fix that. 0-60MPH is still inpressive nonetheless. With they would ma,e a retro testarossa.
you are correct! my mistake thanks for reading!
100kph equates to 62mph. Not much else to touch it.