Car at NYC nightclub

Sex in cars angers residents in posh NYC neighborhood

Residents in Manhattan want a parking ban put into effect because of sex in cars near a trendy nightclub.

Sex in cars around a posh Midtown Manhattan neighborhood is getting so out hand, that neighbors who live near nightclubs have asked city officials to ban parking on city streets. They are asking for the ban to be in affect only on weekends when the residents see most of the problems. Residents around West 30th between Seventh and Eighth avenues have complained for years about their neighborhood being littered with used condoms and other “items” being left by the bar patrons.

Residents who pay as much as $9,500 per month in rent, say they should’t have to put up with the horny clubgoers having sex in their cars every weekend. Community Board members say they’ve been hearing the complaints for years and it’s not anything new. After a vote two weeks ago, the board have petitoned the city to ban parking on the streets on weekends.

The board also cited chronic drug use, and double parking along with the rampant car sex. The board who has no power to enforce the ban is awaiting a ruling by the Department of Transportation in the matter. If the new city ordinance is passed, the NYPD will begin asking the frisky fornicators to get a room instead of using their cars to engage in the act.


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If the act is performed in an electric car and the trash is fully bio-degradable, does that make it OK?