Lexus LFA

Are plans for a new Lexus supercar in the works?

An anonymous source within Lexus, says plans for a one million dollar supercar are on the drawing board.

For a brand that has built its reputation on smooth, refined and perfectly-calming automobiles, Lexus has taken a strange turn into the world of exotic, fast, high-performance cars. It started when Lexus developed the LFA, a Ferrari-fighting supercar that came with a price tag of $350,000.

Now, Auto Guide is reporting that one of their well-connected sources has had communication with a senior Toyota Executive who has told them that a new Lexus supercar is currently in the works. Keep in mind that the Lexus mole prefers to remain anonymous, for understandable reasons, but the information at this point is still in the rumor stages.

But when you look at the current culture at Toyota, it may not be such a far fetched idea. The Japanese brand claims there were multiple justifications for the LFA program. The exotic car was a way for Toyota to explore new technologies, particularly carbon-fiber construction. The company is also hoping the $350,000 car raises the image of the Toyota and Lexus brands as a whole.


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