2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

583 hp 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT raises the bar

Mercedes-Benz announces an all-new 2013 SLS AMG GT with performance enhancements made to the AMG supercar.

Mercedes-Benz has released information on its new 2013 SLS AMG GT super sports car that boasts performance enhancements that will match the new “GT” added to its name. The new supercar that is available as a coupe or convertible bodystyles is more powerful and gets upgraded transmission and suspension worthy of the GT title.

The new 2013 SLS AMG GT is not an addition to the lineup but replaces the previous SLS AMG version. In today’s press release, the German automaker says, “Mercedes-Benz will now exclusively offer the new SLS AMG GT. Available as a Coupe and Roadster, it will go on sale in mid-November 2012, replacing previous SLS AMG versions.”

The 2013 SLS AMG GT gets performance upgrades

And after one look at the technical specifications, we can see that Mercedes has definitely improved the performance in the new supercar. Under the hood, the new GT uses the same 6.3-liter performance V-8 from the current SLS, but the GT has an additional 20 horsepower available to tap into. Peak horsepower is now 583 from the previous 563 with torque remaining at 479 lb. ft. The added horsepower gives the SLS AMG GT a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds instead of 3.7. Mercedes was able to achive the additional horsepower through an increase in compression and internal dethrottling measures.


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