Daniel Craig with 2014 Range Rover Sport

2014 Range Rover Sport delivers Daniel Craig $1 million [video]

When Daniel Craig drove the all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport into New York, the new SUV was supposed to be the hit of the show but who really was the star?

When Land Rover came up with the marketing plan for the all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport to make its world premiere, they chose Daniel Craig to drive the new SUV through New York. What better actor could they have chosen than James Bond and SKYFALL actor Daniel Craig? But as the short movie by action film director Jonathan P B Taylor began to unfold, who really was the star that night? It's reported by Perthnow.com.au that Daniel Craig made $1 million U.S. for his appearance at the show that night.

Daniel Craig gets behind the wheel of the new Sport and the film begins with the the British actor starting up the newly designed crossover. But it’s his driving skills through a crowded shipping yard that reminds the viewer of James Bond. As Craig drives the vehicle over the Brooklyn Bridge and through the streets of New York, you get the sense that not just anyone could pull this off. It’s not your average Sunday drive through lower Manhattan. The drive takes James Bond, I mean Craig, through a construction zone and flooded tunnel before coming out onto the city streets again.

Who really is the star of the reveal?


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A reader just let me know that the BBC reported that Craig was paid $1 million U.S. for about 10 minutes of work! It may have taken longer than that to shoot the movie, but he really was the star! Not bad work if you can get it...Thanks for the info Bob.