2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class four door coupe

14 reasons why a new generation is embracing 2014 CLA-Class

The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class has the latest technology that a new generation of buyers is embracing. There are 14 new apps on the Mercedes mbrace2.

A new generation of buyers is staying connected with the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class because of its latest mbrace2 technology. This group of younger buyers is embracing the new CLA four-door coupe for more than just its looks or price. This generation who Mercedes wants to attract to the brand, and the new CLA, is leading the German automakers growth strategy. What is the new mbrace2 technology about?

A younger generation is buying the new 2014 CLA and they grew up with technology and are completely comfortable with the new Mercedes technology called mbrace2. Mercedes wants to create the world’s most intelligently connected cars, and the CLA is one of those cars. mbrace2 gives CLA buyers the ability to locate Facebook friends, find popular restaurants on Yelp, and make nearly limitless requests with the Concierge service. And they are loving it.

Buyers who choose the COMAND Navigation option can download an expanded suite of 14 apps. Everything from local fuel prices to flight info to live traffic cams. Mercedes has developed the technology that these new buyers are looking for. What else can they do with mbrace2?

CLA owners can access different apps that provide a number of useful services. The Traffic Cameras app provides an overview of traffic conditions around their current location or a specific destination using traffic cam images. Fuel Stations and Prices provides an easy way to find the latest fuel prices at gas stations near a current location, along an intended route, or near a specific destination. They can also import a gas station to Personal POIs or the Address Book.


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Going to buy my car CLA this month pretty happy
sweet car but whats with the 4 paragraphs describing mbrace, ever heard if of a smart phone? they have been around for a while.