Nissan NV200

Will Nissan's NV200 cab be accepted in the world's toughest cab market

Not NYC, but London. How will the modern and sleek Nissan NV200 be accepted by a people who love their old boxy cabs?

Few people on the planet celebrate their public transportation more than do the British, and Londoners in particular. The tube played a hero’s role during the terror bombing of London during the WWII, and “Mind the gap” is a saying that is used often in conversation. London’s famous red double decker buses are enjoyed for their own look, and are icons of the city. In fact, the double decker buses are an evolution of the omni-buses that started in the 1800s. In 1829 George Shillibeer ran the first Omnibus from the Yorkshire Stingo Paddington to the Bank*. It was a three horsepower bus. Pulled by three horses. By 1929, the General Onmibus Company had over 1100 miles of routes in the greater London area*. Only London’s cabs are loved more. Nissan is about to make a major push to become part of that lore and it faces about 200 years of tradition.


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